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The Amazing $11 Cleaning Find That Keeps My Glass Stovetop Looking Like New

published Dec 22, 2023
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oven stovetop in kitchen with dish towel hanging

My husband and I are pretty good about keeping our glass stovetop clean, giving it a quick wipe-down after every cooking session. But leave it to my mom to show me how much cleaner it could actually be, with the help of the Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaning Kit.

When my mom recently visited us at our Berlin apartment, she brought multiple suitcases full of household products — including storage bins in all shapes and sizes, her favorite scented laundry detergent, and more. Apparently, during her last visit, she had been secretly cataloging things I could use to improve my living situation. (It doesn’t matter how old you get … moms always seem to know best, don’t they?)

When she whipped out the Cerama Bryte kit, she explained how great it was on her new glass stovetop. See, my parents had decided to swap out their well-used gas cooktop during a pandemic-inspired, home-improvement frenzy. When they purchased the new stove, my mom asked the salesperson if it needed a special cleaner for the glass-top, and he directed her to a display in the appliance section with Cerama Bryte — it’s been her go-to ever since.

After unpacking all of my mom’s practical gifts and making some messy lasagna for a late lunch, it was time to test out the cleaning product. 

Credit: Cindy Brzostowski

The kit comes with four items: a scraper, a bottle of cleaning liquid, a cleaning pad, and a tool to grip the cleaning pad. First, I used the scraper, which has a single-edged blade to dislodge any food deposits stuck on the stovetop. Already, I was impressed with how much the scraper removed from my stovetop’s surface, picking up bits that I honestly thought were permanent marks in the glass.

Credit: Cindy Brzostowski
You only need a quarter-sized amount of the cleaning liquid.

Next, I put about a quarter-sized amount of the white cleaning liquid on the stovetop and rubbed it around with the thin, yellow cleaning pad. You don’t necessarily need to slide the cleaning pad into the plastic grip tool, but I liked that it felt easier to maneuver and kept my hands clean. For the last step, I buffed the cooktop surface with a paper towel. A microfiber cloth would work, too. To say I was surprised by the result would be an understatement. 

Credit: Cindy Brzostowski
Ready to be buffed clean!

Shiny and smooth, the stovetop looked brand-new — even better than it did when we first moved in. Uncharacteristically excited about a cleaning product, I immediately took a picture of the cleaned stove and texted it to my husband who couldn’t believe that it was our stove. 

Credit: Cindy Brzostowski
Look at the difference!

My husband and I don’t use Cerama Bryte every day, but when we’ve had a hefty cooking session, it’s nice to know that it’ll easily do the trick to fix up any mess we’ve made. Extra pluses: Using the product doesn’t take any longer than wiping the stove down with something else, and it’s totally affordable. Thanks, Mom!

Buy: Cerama Bryte Combo Kit, $10.89