Greenling Organic Delivery Central Texas

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When my mom’s San Antonio-area CSA folded a couple years ago, she turned to Greenling, a Central Texas produce delivery service. Greenling is best known for its online store, which makes organic, sustainable, and in-season food shopping convenient for customers who like to choose the exact items and quantities they want. The company also offers CSA-style Local Boxes, which contain whatever produce is available from farmers that week. Here’s what my mom received on her doorstep this week…

• Strawberries (first of the season!) and yellow onion from Naegelin Farms
• Chard from Bradshaw Farms
• Red leaf lettuce, scallions, and cilantro from Acadian Family Farm
• Collard greens and kale from Texas Natural
• Avocado and grapefruit from G&S Grove
• Carrots from Animal Farm
• Bundle of herbs

Based in Austin, Greenling works with a number of Central Texas farmers as well as other local vendors to offer non-produce items like bread, meat, dairy, and nuts. My mom reports great satisfaction with her Greenling Local Box experience. Have any of our Texan Kitchn readers ordered from Greenling?

(Image: Emily Ho)


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