The Smart $18 Find That Will Keep Your Fridge Tidy and Clean for Good

published Feb 12, 2024
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There’s nothing more satisfying than an organized refrigerator where every food item has its place. It’s a dream many of us have, but making it happen means you need the right storage solutions, and let’s be honest — our fridge shelves and drawers just don’t cut it. That’s why it’s important our food items have a home, which is exactly what QVC’s Cella Refrigerator Door Organizer Bins offer: an easy way to turn our refrigerator-tidying dreams into reality.

Not only are these bins transparent, allowing you to easily spot what’s inside, but they’re also slim and tall enough to effortlessly slide into your refrigerator doors. Say goodbye to the days of rummaging through the back of your fridge in search of a single item. Whether you’re storing drinks, condiments, meal prep, or fresh produce, these bins are an ideal solution.

What Is the Cella Set of 4 Refrigerator Door Organizer Bins?

These door organizer bins are unique because they are specifically designed for QVC viewers (Cella is QVC’s private label). QVC looked at viewer feedback and found that people like acrylic and see-through organization, and that’s exactly what these bins offer! They’re safe to use in the fridge and freezer, and they come with liners to keep food fresh. Plus, they’re available in four different colors for a fun touch. In simple terms, these bins let you take food out of its packaging, put it in a clear container to keep it fresh, and easily see what you have left — and who doesn’t want that?

Credit: QVC

For only $18, these four food storage refrigerator bins do a great job organizing your fridge. They keep your food fresh longer and let you easily see how much you have left, so you don’t waste anything. Organize your fridge and make the most of your food with these simple and smart bins!