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3 Things a Celebrity Chef Stocks Up On for Late Summer Cookouts

updated Aug 31, 2021
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Credit: Jake Smollett

As warm sunny days begin to wane, so too does all that delicious seasonal produce. From throwing one last summer feast to packing the tastiest back-to-school lunchboxes in town, now is the time to savor all the fresh flavor that summer still has to offer. That means making the most of your next grocery run.

With gorgeous organic produce, epic end-of-summer BBQ fixings, and amazing store perks, ACME® Markets helps you max out every trip to the store. When you download the new ACME® Markets Deals & Delivery app you’re automatically enrolled in the free ACME for U™ Member program, unlocking a treasure trove of extra perks that make shopping easier, more affordable, and way more fun. We’re talking about spending Rewards redeemable on groceries and gas, weekly personalized deals, digital coupons, and a free item every month — plus a birthday treat!

Credit: Jake Smollett

For celebrity chef and cookbook author Jake Smollett, all those perks mean more summer cookout fun. On a recent trip to ACME® Markets, he stocked up on everything he needed to make BBQ bacon cheeseburgers and root-beer cookie floats: a classic menu for one more delicious outdoor gathering. Dreaming up new recipes all the time means that Jake is always running to the store.

With ACME for U™, the personalized coupons and deals he gets today become tomorrow’s tasty treats — like the finger-licking homemade BBQ sauce that tops his signature burgers. Check out his haul, which includes three of his must-buy essentials from ACME® Markets’ O Organics line: O Organics Ground Beef, O Organics Minced Garlic, and O Organics Ketchup. After years of testing and retesting his burgers, he found the perfect flavor combination for a perfect summer burger. Mixing minced garlic and ketchup into his ground beef patties infuses the burgers with a surprising sharp-and-sweet taste as they cook. It’s a simple trick that makes his burgers a summer essential for his friends.

Ready to make the same magic in your own kitchen? Join ACME for U™ by downloading the ACME® Markets Deals & Delivery app to shop, save, and redeem Rewards all in one spot. New ACME for U™ Members earn $5 off their next purchase of $25 or more, so you can get even more fresh flavor out of this summer.