Celebrate Sandwiches! Scanwiches’ Unique Perspective

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We all have our favorite sandwich. Maybe you favor turkey and Swiss; perhaps salami and cheddar is more your style. But have you seen the website that celebrates sandwiches like no other, and does it from a very unique perspective?

Without further ado, meet Scanwiches, a site that collects scanned photos of sandwiches from various delis around New York City. Let’s clarify: people literally take a half of their deli sandwich and run it through the scanner to capture an image.

From a Vietnamese Pork Sandwich to a Nutella and Cream Cheese masterpiece on French toast — sandwich inspiration abounds here. We wonder about the clean-up involved after scanning each sandwich, but we like the spirit behind it.

Visit the site: Scanwiches

(Images: Scanwiches)