Celebrate National Peach Pie Day with This Vegan No-Bake Version

(Image credit: B.Britnell)

Just because it’s National Peach Pie Day doesn’t mean you have to actually make (and bake) real-deal pie crust. There’s a far easier way to get your pie fix — and it doesn’t even require you to turn on your oven.

Sometimes national food holidays give me pause, but today’s is one I can get behind. Summer is fleeting and when it leaves, it takes all its beautiful produce with it — including fresh, juicy peaches. So what better way to get your fill than with a pie?

Between the no-bake almond flour crust and the creamy coconut milk filling, this is the perfect light, cool dessert to eat in the heat of summertime.

Get the Recipe: Vegan No-Bake Peach Pie from B.Britnell