Celebrate! A Step-By-Step Rainbow Sprinkle Cake Tutorial

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Some days you want a dessert that goes all out. Some days you want — scratch that, need — a rainbow sprinkle cake in your life. And The Cake Blog has an easy-to-follow tutorial to make it happen.

How does one coat an entire cake in sprinkles? Well, you need a couple cardboard cake rounds, a generous coating of icing, and a shallow tray filled with one kilogram of rainbow sprinkles. (Add one unicorn and we’ll be living out every dream I had at age eight.) The process looks surprisingly tidy, considering. And is guaranteed to make whoever shares it very, very happy.

Get the tutorial: DIY Rainbow Sprinkle Cake at The Cake Blog

What’s the most over the top cake you’ve ever made?

(Image: The Cake Blog)