Caution: The Story Of The Empty SodaStream Carbonator

published Feb 28, 2011
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Over the last several years, my husband and I have become rather attached to our SodaStream machine. It gives us a quick burst of bubbly without all the chemical-sounding ingredients that traditional soda pop is laced with.

Everything has been wonderful until we picked up a new CO2 canister from a brick and mortar store and to our surprise — it was empty!

In the past we’ve always used the mail-in exchange program that the company offers. It’s super easy, they send you a bag and you send your old canister back and in return, they send you a new one for a small price. Easy peasy.

We happened to be out shopping and saw the canisters for sale at a local retailer. Deciding to stock up instead of having to do the whole mailing thing, we purchased a spare for our pantry. Our old canister finished up and we turned to the new one we had purchased, hooked it up and it was empty! Empty!

We were in shock, could it really be empty? That seems ridiculous, it must have been our own mechanical error except that SodaStream machines are pretty foolproof. You just attach the bottle, push a button and done. We then picked up both bottles, old and new and sure enough, they had the same weight. Puzzling.

After a chat with the retail manager at the local it was purchased, we were able to get a refund, but it wasn’t easy convincing them that we hadn’t in fact used it all up and were just trying to pull a fast one. So we wanted to issue a warning to those folks buying your refills at a retail store, pick up more than one and make sure they’re both heavy! We learned the hard way!

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