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I Grew Up Eating Freshly Popped Popcorn Every Day After School — Now I Give This Bagged Version to My Kids

published Mar 20, 2022
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macro shot of pipcorn on a cute plate
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk; Prop Styling: Randi Brookman Harris
Credit: Courtesy of Catherine McCord

We are Big Snackers here at Kitchn. We love snacking, talking about snacking, and writing about snacking.

Of course, snacking looks different for everyone. So we asked four of our favorite food people to build their ultimate Kitchn Snack Capsule, featuring one recipe and some store-bought snacks. Up next: Catherine McCord from Weelicious.

Every weekday afternoon when I was a kid, my mother would meet me at our front door, after I barreled off the school bus, with a massive bowl of popcorn. Freshly popped, seasoned to perfection, and made with absolute care, popcorn was my mom’s love language with me and I still speak it fluently. In fact, it’s the snack I have waiting for my kids when they come home after a long day of school and play. 

While fresh-popped corn kernels are easy enough to whip up, the day I found Pipcorn was a revelation. What’s Pipcorn, you’re wondering? It’s non-GMO heirloom popcorn, and each tiny puff is about half the size of a conventional piece of popcorn, with an incredible crunch in every bite. What’s heirloom popcorn? (These are great questions!) Heirloom seeds must be old (there’s no rule but most heirlooms have been around for at least 100 years) and open-pollinated. So the corn used for this popcorn is grown from seeds that meet those requirements. Heirloom popcorn is more nutrient-dense than processed varieties, high in fiber, and has a crunchy-yet-airy texture. Pipcorn also states that the shells on their corn kernels are “more delicate” than most popcorn kernels.

Science aside, Pipcorn is nothing short of amazing. And the Truffle Pipcorn is the standout. My mom was a big fan of cheesy powder sprinkled on my after-school snack. I’ve always been a fan of nutritional yeast, but for my truffle-loving son, Pipcorn’s truffle flavor quickly became our house favorite. For any truffle-lover, it’s magic in every last bite. The subtle truffle flavor hugs each kernel, transforming it into the ultimate comfort food. And honestly, even if you don’t love the flavor of truffle, I think you’ll love this snack. If not, there’s always the sea salt option.

Fun facts: Barbara Corcoran made a $200,000 investment in Pipcorn on Shark Tank and they brand is female-founded. Reason #326 that you want to get your hands on a bag of Truffle Pipcorn, stat!

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