I’m a Mom of 3 — These Are the Snacks My Kids Have Been Requesting on Repeat

published Mar 20, 2022
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snacks and smoothies arranged on a surface
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk; Prop Styling: Randi Brookman Harris
Credit: Courtesy of Catherine McCord

We are Big Snackers here at Kitchn. We love snacking, talking about snacking, and writing about snacking.

Of course, snacking looks different for everyone. So we asked four of our favorite food people to build their ultimate Kitchn Snack Capsule, featuring one recipe and some store-bought snacks. Up next: Catherine McCord from Weelicious.

There are certain snacks that were just made to be eaten together. Pair flavors and textures together correctly, and the combo can send your senses into overdrive. It’s fun to play around in order to figure out what makes for a good pairing, too, so I’m always tag teaming with my kids to come up with the perfect snack situation. We’ve tried it all: sweet with savory, sweet with salty, crunchy with gooey, cheesy with cheesy … you get the idea.

Lately, my kids have been dialed in on two favorite combos. Sometimes, we even eat the two combos together for one Mega Snack. (Snack time is super important to keep your kids’ brains firing on all cylinders and fighting off that midday hunger!) These are the snacks they’ve been asking for on repeat. I’ll be honest, I love them too!

Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk; Prop Styling: Randi Brookman Harris

Vanilla Cinnamon Date Shake with Truffle Pipcorn

Something magical happens when a milkshake gets paired with a salty, crunchy snack! Have you ever tossed chocolate chips into your popcorn at the movies? A vanilla cinnamon date shake with this Truffle Pipcorn is an ode to that classic nostalgic flavor combo with a more healthful twist. This date shake is a cold, creamy, delicious snack — but without nearly as much sugar as your classic milkshake. The sweetness comes naturally from the dates and bananas, and there’s plenty of protein to boot. (There’s frozen cauliflower in it! And no, you can’t taste it at all!) Paired with Truffle Pipcorn made from tiny heirloom corn kernels, I promise this snack combination will be one of your new go-tos! 

Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk; Prop Styling: Randi Brookman Harris

Envy Apples with Santa Cruz Peanut Butter

This next snack combination isn’t reinventing the wheel. It’s just making it slightly better! Envy apples paired with Santa Cruz Peanut Butter is something we grab to snack on almost every day and the best part is, there’s no cooking involved and it takes seconds to prepare. Envy apples are really sweet and crunchy, and they stay white longer after being cut, so there’s no more complaining about the slices starting to turn brown. Pair the slices with Santa Cruz nut butter. (We’re obsessed with all of their nut butter; I highly suggest the brand’s almond butter.) Sweet, crunchy, salty, creamy — this is a perfect snack combo.

What would go in your own Snack Capsule? Tell us in the comments below.