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This Mail-Order Salmon Is So Good, I’d Serve It To My Clients (I’m a Private Chef!)

published Mar 23, 2022
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salmon piccata in the pan
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk

Coming from the restaurant industry, I’ve seen my fair share of top-quality seafood — beautiful jumbo prawns, whole octopus, and the cleanest, purest filets of black bass, swordfish, and more. The restaurants I’ve worked in care about their ingredients and source from the best. Unfortunately, the majority of the fish I find at the grocery store doesn’t compare and is, more often than not, farm raised. Who knows how many trucks it’s been on between the factory and my local market? That’s why I was so excited to discover Catch Sitka, an Alaskan fishery that ships the restaurant-quality fish I love so much straight to my door.

Catch Sitka’s fish is sustainably, hook-in-line caught in Alaska by local fishermen and then immediately vacuum-sealed and blasted frozen dockside, so it arrives incredibly fresh. To be honest, when I think of Alaska, the first thing that comes to mind is salmon, so naturally, I ordered the Wild Alaskan King Salmon Harvest Box. It arrived still frozen and ready to be tucked away in my freezer for future dinners. I was amazed at how beautifully the filets were butchered into perfect portions, just like in restaurants.

Once I tried the fish, it was so fresh and tender that I decided to do something I’d never do with standard store-bought fish… sushi night!  I promise, sushi isn’t as hard to prepare as you may think, especially with Catch Sitka’s King Salmon, which is all sashimi grade. The only real cooking going on is the rice. (For a restaurant-style experience at home, I highly recommend going to a local Japanese market or an online Asian grocer for sushi rice, nori wraps, and bamboo mats.)

Credit: Meredith Schwartz
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As a private chef, I’m constantly coming up with new, flavorful recipes for my weekly meal-prep clients, and salmon is the perfect blank canvas — salmon piccata, teriyaki glazed, spicy blackened, the list goes on. The Catch Sitka box comes in four sizes by the pound. and I suggest staying stocked up to prevent any last-minute, panicked grocery runs.