What Are Catabolic Foods?

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In the summer, when there’s rather less clothes and things like beach trips are on one’s mind, one has a tendency to eat lighter. We are not necessarily on a diet, mind you, but we are eating light and healthy as much as possibe. Also, we have always been fascinated by the concept of catabolic foods.

What are catabolic foods? Well, first off, they sound too good to be true.

Supposedly, catabolic foods burn up more calories than they supply. They require your body to work hard to metabolize them, so you’re burning more than you’re taking in. An apple, for instance, requires 99 calories to burn while only giving you 85.

We feel that there is probably more to it than that; our bodies are marvelously complex things, and food behaves in different ways in different bodies. And yet we are fascinated by foods like this that require our bodies to work a little harder. Most are high in fiber, which is good for you no matter what kind of calories you’re taking in.

Any health and nutrition experts out there care to comment on catabolic foods?

You can see a whole list of high-grade and low-grade catabolic foods here:
Catabolic Foods

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