7 Smart Ways to Store Your Cast Iron Cookware

updated May 1, 2019
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Cast iron pieces are as much about function as they are about form: Often, people admire a well-worn cast iron skillet as much as, say, a brand spankin’ new car. So it should come as no surprise to hear that showing off your cast iron collection is a genre all of its own.

Type “cast iron display” into Pinterest and you’ll see what we mean. Or, better yet, just keep reading this story — we’ve rounded up some of the coolest and smartest cast iron displays out there.

Instead of hiding your cast iron in a cabinet, steal one of these ideas to show off your collection.

1. Build a special frame.

Your typical wall might not be strong enough to hold a collection of cast iron — but a framed-out wood board? Definitely! This clever project form Camilla at Wayward Spark turns her cast iron into a work of art.

2. Tuck the pieces into the pantry.

Behind the pantry door, there’s often just a little space for … a cast iron display! In this cute farmhouse, white-painted two-by-fours support a cast iron collection hung by nails. This pantry is totally a space we’d want to hang out in, too.

3. Hang a big collection instead of upper cabinets.

Instead of installing upper cabinets or shelves, the blogger behind The Country Farm Home lined up her cast iron collection in two neat rows. We love that she didn’t just hang them up in size order, either. This way, the cookware creates a fun little pattern on the wall.

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4. Hang an assortment on a rack over the stove.

Sometimes, the best place to store something is right where you use it. That’s what Rachel & Jonathan did in their cozy Angelino Heights home.

Tour the space: Rachel & Jonathan’s Cozy Angelino Heights Home at Apartment Therapy

5. Install a giant pegboard.

When every kitchen gadget you own is on a pegboard, you can certainly find it at a glance! James and Dom hung their cast iron (and a few other things, too) on a pegboard over the sink. We’d probably put the cast iron a little lower, though, as it looks really hard to get down!

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6. Hang skillets on the pantry door.

Got a solid wood door? Good, because it’s an excellent place for a row of hooks to display your cast iron skillets, like Kristen did in her Denver home. You can leave the door open and admire your collection.

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7. Put skillets on a shelf.

Sarah, the blogger behind Very Sarie, turned IKEA picture ledges into skillet holders. If you want to do same, just make sure to use super-strong anchors!

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