I Tried the $15 Broom That Wirecutter Loves — And, Honestly, This Is the Broom Everyone Needs

updated May 20, 2021
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Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

When I spend money on something, I want to make sure the purchase will be worthwhile. One of the easiest ways to make a decision before buying something? Check out the reviews. There’s nothing wrong with scanning Amazon customer ratings. But when I’m buying products for my home, I often rely on tests and reviews from sites like Wirecutter. 

A broom doesn’t seem like something that would require a lot of research. Find a broom, buy a broom. Simple! And yet I put some effort into my most recent broom purchase. I came across on this one on Amazon and almost didn’t think anything of it. It’s reasonably priced at just under $15, but I’ve seen much better ratings than a four-star average based on 1,600+ reviews. I don’t know what made me check, but I looked to see what Wirecutter recommended — and it was the same broom! Only Wirecutter told a totally different (and way more compelling) story: Of all the brooms the site researched and tested, the Casabella Wayclean Wide Angle was the best at sweeping, the most comfortable to hold, and the least expensive. Convincing, right?

Credit: Ashley Abramson

Not surprisingly, I noticed all these things when I tried the Casabella for myself. The bristles easily glide across my hardwood floors, and they’re dense enough to grab both heavy and fine particles. Plus, because the bristles are “flagged” at the bottom (a reviewer compares them to split ends in your hair), they cover more surface area — which all adds up to a pretty efficient experience.

Credit: Ashley Abramson

The angle of the bristles is just right for sweeping floors and baseboards and getting into corners and crevices. And the grip? It feels like I’m holding a cloud. I accidentally ordered two of these Casabella brooms, so I passed one on to my friend Kelli. “This is hands-down the best broom I’ve ever swept with,” she told me. 

The broom was really easy to assemble, too. It came in three pieces, which you pop together and twist to secure — then, when you want to clean out the bristles, just unscrew the head and wash it! (Note: The broom doesn’t come with a dustpan, but I already had one on hand.) I honestly didn’t think it’d be possible to love a broom this much … and, yet, here we are.