This Chef-Approved Tip Makes Peeling Carrots Faster — And More Fun

published Oct 18, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn; Food Stylist: CC Buckley/Kitchn

Depending on my mood, prepping ingredients can be meditative or maddening. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, peeling and chopping can be kind of soothing, but if I’m racing against the clock to get dinner on the table on a Tuesday evening … not so much.

But no matter when or what I’m cooking, I’m always up for tips and tricks that make cooking easier and more fun. And that’s why I perked up when I saw a new-to-me carrot peeling method from the awesome Marta Rivera, the chef behind Sense and Edibility.

In the Reel, she demonstrated how her family peels carrots: swiping a swivel peeler down the carrot, then bringing the peeler back up to the top of the veggie and repeating. That’s my go-to method, so I was curious to see what was next. For the second carrot, Marta used her preferred method and slid the peeler back and forth along the carrot, which make the peel practically fly off. As soon as the video finished, I headed to the fridge to give it a try.

What I Thought of Sense and Edibility’s Carrot-Peeling Hack

Y’all! This works so well. It’s so simple and so satisfying. I tried it with both a smooth blade swivel peeler and a serrated blade swivel peeler and it worked well with both. If you’re a Y-peeler fan this isn’t the method for you, but with the swivel peeler it works beautifully. It’s one of those smart, simple upgrades to everyday tasks that makes your life just a little bit better and more fun. And that’s something I can get behind.

Funnily enough, after talking my husband’s ear off about this technique and yammering on about it to my coworkers, I saw one of the contestants on Easy-Bake Battle, Netflix’s new show for home cooks, use it when doing his take on a beef Wellington. That’s two. If we see one more, I think we’ve got a carrot-peeling trend, people! Regardless, it’s the way I’ll be peeling my carrots from now on.