This $35 Stackable Five-Piece Cookware Set Is a Lifesaver In My Tiny Kitchen (It’s On Sale!)

published Jun 23, 2023
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Living with roommates for the first time in my life has not been easy. I’ll spare you the drama, but basically, four of us share one tiny kitchen, and not all four of us are the cleanest. Consequently, I quickly gave up on sharing pots and pans with those who don’t seem to know how to use a sponge. After deciding this, I realized I needed to acquire some cookware of my own, and fast. It just so happened that shortly thereafter, I got to try Carote’s five-piece nonstick cookware set, which originally retailed for $100 at Walmart. Now, though, you can snag it for just $35 — and trust me, you’ll want to, especially if your kitchen also lacks a desirable amount of storage space.

By far, the best thing about this cookware set is the detachable handle, which makes the three pans incredibly easy to stack and store. Beyond that, it’s just a great cookware set in general because I’m able to make pretty much any type of meal, and the pans really are nonstick. After about a month of using them everyday, I couldn’t be happier with this lucky find.

What is the Carote Nonstick Cookware Set?

I’d never heard of the brand Carote before trying this product, but their stylish and easy-to-use cookware sets are available on both the Walmart website and on Amazon, and they seem to be a hit with online shoppers. This set in particular comes with either nine or five pieces, and I own the latter. With the five-piece set, you get a 1.5-quart saucepan with a matching lid, an 8-inch frying pan, an 11-inch frying pan, and a removable handle that can be clamped onto every pan. Each pan has a nonstick, toxin-free granite coating and a stainless steel bottom that makes it safe to use on all kinds of cooktops, as well as the oven. The pans are also microwave-safe.

Credit: Walmart

Why I Love the Carote Nonstick Cookware Set

For starters, this set has just the right number and types of pans that I needed. Because I’m the only one who uses it for daily cooking, I knew I didn’t want something like the nine-piece version. I use the saucepan the most — pretty much every day and sometimes multiple times a day — to prepare rice, soup, one-pot pasta dishes, and other go-to eats. It’s the only pan in the set that comes with its own lid, which also makes it convenient for storing leftovers in the fridge. I’ll be honest, I don’t use the 11-inch frying pan that often because it’s usually too large for my needs, but the 8-inch pan is perfect for frying eggs, sautéing veggies, and whipping up a quick grilled cheese.

I frequently have the frying pan and the saucepan on the stove at the same time, transferring the handle from one to the other whenever I have to stir or pour the food into my plate. And if I’m reheating leftovers in the oven, I don’t need an oven mitt. Instead, I just open the door, clamp the handle onto the pan, and pull it out. Another feature I love is the pans’ white speckled surface. Not only does it make them pretty enough to also use as serveware, but it also helps me ensure a thorough clean because I can see once I’ve washed off every last bit of food. And speaking of washing, these pans make it so easy! They really are nonstick, regardless of whether you clean them right after use or soak them in soap and warm water first. It goes without saying that storage is also a breeze, as the pans take up minimal space once stacked inside one another.

Suffice to say, this cookware set gives me peace of mind when it comes to preparing my own meals at home. It’s simple to use, no hassle to clean, and, best of all, mine — and mine alone.