This $20 Nonstick Pan Is a Brilliant Solution for Picky Eaters

published May 3, 2024
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Credit: Lauren Miyashiro

It’s been almost one year since I reviewed my Carote nonstick cookware set. At the time, I’d had it for about a month and had already come to love the pans’ versatility and easy-to-clean material. Now, I’m even more certain that I made the best investment when choosing the five-piece set, and I’ve recommended Carote as a cookware brand to a few friends as a result. Before I got my pots and pans, I wasn’t even aware that other staffers knew and loved the brand, too. But indeed, Carote has yet another nonstick frying pan that’s somewhat famous here at The Kitchn. Seriously, if you’re after a multifunctional pan that takes minimal effort to wash, you can’t go wrong with Carote. 

When browsing the brand’s other product offerings, I came across a similar item that has a unique (and pretty genius) feature. The Carote egg pan boasts four divided cup compartments that make at-home breakfasts a breeze, and it’s currently on sale for just $20! Keep reading to see why else Amazon shoppers bought more than 3,000 of them in the past month.

What Is the Carote Egg Pan?

The egg pan is made of Carote’s signature granite material, and when I tell you it releases food without leaving behind so much as a speck of scrambled egg, I really mean it. But what sets this pan apart from others in its category is, of course, its quartered design. As the product’s name suggests, this feature makes it conducive to not only frying eggs in all forms, but also to making perfectly round forms for bagels and other breakfast sandwiches. It goes without saying that you can also cook a variety of other eats inside the compartments, including bacon, greens, and mini pancakes. And you don’t have to use all four sections at once, which makes the pan that much easier to clean. Plus, if you live with picky eaters, you’ll also be able to cook different foods at once without having them touch, saving you from having to dirty multiple pieces of cookware. All in all, it’s pretty brilliant.

Credit: CAROTE

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.4/5

“I got this to use on our new induction range and wasn’t sure how much I would use it. I commonly make poached eggs or soft-boiled eggs for breakfast, but this little gem has been our go-to for easy and delicious eggs. I pop the eggs in, add leaves of fresh basil, salt, pepper, and a little cheese, and it’s the most satisfying dish over toast, rice, greens, or potatoes! They not only taste delicious, but they also present beautifully and slide right out of the pan, which is also so easy to clean. I don’t see any downsides to this great kitchen tool, and I’m looking forward to experimenting with different dishes in this easy-to-use pan!” — T

“Saw this at my sister’s house, but she paid much more for it from Crate & Barrel. It cut my breakfast-making time down x3! Easy to clean, use, and store. Pretty color, too!” — Mandy

“Great nonstick coating. I burnt some turkey sausages, and the charred food wiped out with a paper towel. It holds one large egg in each cup, allowing for its expansion while cooking. … You can cook one egg, one frozen precooked sausage patty, and two halves of an English muffin all at the same time to make a complete sandwich. It works perfectly on my induction range. … It works perfectly to save me money making my own breakfast sandwiches and freezing them for the workweek. The handle looks like wood grain but feels like a silicone coating. It’s comfortable and stays cool.” — Deb

Other shoppers noted that the pan is great for cooking mini pancakes, while some wrote about using each section to prepare a separate side dish. No matter what you decide to cook in the pan, there’s no doubt that it’ll lift out easily, taste delicious, and look totally restaurant-worthy, to boot.

Buy: Carote Egg Pan, $19.99 (normally $26.99)