Cargill Pork Ad

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Did anyone catch the full-page Cargill ad on the back of Tuesday’s NYTimes Business section? Maxwell ran across it last night as we were packing up wine glasses in our kitchen, pre-reno, and we both stopped in our tracks. What it amounts to is a proud, full color, full page declaration of the wonders of toying with nature. I won’t editorialize too much, just curious what you all thought.

Here’s the text:

“Some folks barbeque for fun. Others do it for a living. Something
they all share are tough standards for the ribs,pork shoulders and boneless loins they use. Cargill learned from chefs and grocers that people want more flavorful pork that cooks up tender and juicy.We developed it using special feeds,growing processes and selection techniques.Barbeque enthusiasts say they like the new pork.What they won’t tell us are their secrets for cooking it. This is how Cargill works with customers.”