Care to Share? What’s Your Secret Ingredient?

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Something’s missing and you just can’t quite put your finger on it. Skip an ingredient? Nope. Need more salt? Nah. What do you reach for when your dish just needs a little “something?”

Most cooks and chefs have a trick or two up their sleeve for those times when dish just isn’t cooperating. The Boston Globe even ran an article a few weeks ago asking area chefs about their favorite secret ingredients!

More often than not, we go for a squeeze or two of fresh lemon. Acids brighten up muddy flavors, and we like the clean taste of lemons over vinegar.

If it doesn’t seem like lemon juice is quite right for the job, we turn to another old friend: Tabasco. We’ve extolled the virtues of this product before, and it’s all still true – Tabasco’s balance of acid, heat, and salt is often just what our dish needs.

High-end chef or home cook, we’re curious to know – and try! – your favorite fix-it ingredient. Care to share?!

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