Care Package Idea: Reuse Pringles Cans!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

With plenty of Pringles cans at the ready, my mom always used them to package homemade cookies and send them to me in care packages. With old favorites like peanut butter being scarce on the shelves of my local Helsinki market, I simply couldn’t get enough of my mother’s cookies from home. She knew what she was doing, though: She already had lots of practice under her belt with my older brother being in the Navy!

A tip if you try this for yourself: cardboard cans like those that Pringles come in are great for protecting cookies from crumbling or getting smashed in transit. But they do nothing for air-tightness. The best thing to do is plastic-wrap or otherwise seal up your goodies before packaging them in cans. That way, they’ll be fresh and good-as-at-home when they reach the hands of your distant loved ones!

(Image: Pringles)