The Last Thing You Should Do with That Cardboard Salt Container

published Sep 1, 2021
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Someone holding a container of salt.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

As we all know, there’s plenty of waste generated in the kitchen that doesn’t need to be thrown out. From food scraps that can be composted to glass tomato sauce jars that can be repurposed for food storage, there are many opportunities for putting “waste” to good use. 

So, when we heard about a cool and easy way to repurpose a used cardboard salt container, we got excited! You know the ones — the cylinders with the metal spout that creaks open and makes that satisfying pour possible. The lid and spout are much too useful to just throw out!

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Use the lid from a cardboard salt container as a dispenser for a Mason jar

Here’s how you can simply reuse the lid: By removing the cardboard top of the salt container and adding it to a regular Mason jar, you can create an instant dispensing container for dry goods, such as sugar, spices, flour, cornmeal, or just about anything! With the handy spout, it makes it easier to measure dry ingredients or pour sugar into your morning coffee! You just need two items: scissors or an X-Acto knife and a Mason jar.

Credit: Sarah Crowley

How to Make Your Own Jar with a Spouted Lid in Minutes 

  1. With your knife, carefully cut the top circle off of the salt container. You can use the Mason ring as a guide for sizing the lid’s circle cutout — just make sure it’s not too small otherwise it’ll be too loose and contents may leak.
  2. Once the top is removed, insert the cut-out cardboard circle into the bottom of the Mason lid ring, so that the spout portion sits snugly.
  3. Then comes the fun part: Fill your jar with whatever you want!
  4. Screw the ring with the new spouted lid onto your jar. 

And that’s it — your convenient Mason jar with spout is ready to pour! Now, give yourself a little pat on the back for finding a super-smart way to reuse your kitchen waste!

How do you reuse your cardboard salt containers? Tell us in the comments below.