The Last Thing You Should Do with the Cardboard Carrier from a Six-Pack of Beer

updated Jun 25, 2021
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Someone holding a cardboard carrier of beer.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

This summer is turning out to be pretty amazing, at least in comparison to last summer! While backyard cookouts might not be as big as they used to be, summer shindigs are here, and we couldn’t be happier about it. The joy of hosting is sweeter than ever before — even if we’re all a little socially rusty!

As we get back into the groove of entertaining, we’re grateful for any way we can simplify, including the act of repurposing something that would otherwise be tossed into the recycling bin. Today, we’re specifically talking about the cardboard carrier from your six-pack of beer (or root beer!). Put the bottles in your cooler, and then try this new life for the carrier.

Credit: Sarah Crowley

Use a Cardboard Bottle Carrier as a Utensil Caddy

The brilliant reuse idea? Use it to conveniently hold cutlery, napkins, and condiments for your casual party! It’s really that simple! Load it up and you can carry out everything you need, from the kitchen to the patio, without having to make a bunch of trips. In addition to the resourcefulness of using what you have, this solution also saves space in your kitchen. (No having to store a caddy during the off months!) Don’t want people grabbing forks from one communal spot (we get it; we’re all a lot more germ-conscious now!)? Use the carrier exclusively for condiments and put utensils at everyone’s plate.

When the last guest has left your get-together, just recycle the impromptu paper caddy as you would have — no awkward-space storage needed! That said, we have seen people wrap these carriers with nice paper or self-adhesive drawer liners to make them a little fancier. If you go that route, you can just flatten the carrier between uses and tuck it into a cabinet.

Do you have any other super-smart tips for summer entertaining? Tell us in the comments below!