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This Steamer-and-Saucepan Combo from One of Our Editor-in-Chief’s Favorite Brands Is My New Go-To for Easy Weeknight Meals

published Jan 25, 2023
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Credit: Laura Rege

January is nearly over, folks, and that means it’s time to take stock of our New Year’s resolutions. Have you really made an effort to curb your TikTok addiction? (No? Same.) One of my big resolutions — and probably one that plenty of people share — is to eat a little healthier in 2023. Now, part of that is coming back from all of the rivers of rich gravy, pantries full of sweets, and succulent roasts that accompany the holiday season. The other reason that cutting back on some of the more decadent foods I enjoyed in 2022 is probably a good idea for my overall well-being. One easy way I’ve done that is to switch up my go-to cooking methods. I don’t own an air fryer, and since I unfortunately don’t have a grill I can just throw some meats and veggies on, I’ve had to branch out a bit. Recently, I’ve been making healthy and delicious meals by using this steamer basket and saucepan combo from editor-favorite cookware brand Caraway.

While the small Sauce Pan has been around for a while, the steamer — available in both small and large sizes — is brand new. It features a non-toxic, nonstick coating and sits perfectly inside the corresponding saucepan. And, while you could probably find a pot elsewhere that would fit the steamer basket, why would you want to? Caraway’s products are famously high-quality, and they’ll immediately elevate your at-home cooking experience. Plus, these steamers were designed for these pots, so I seriously doubt you’ll get a better fit with anything else. 

Personally, I’m a big fan of the steamer since while I try to eat whole foods and nutritious meals, I often find myself, uh, “eyeballing” the amount of oil and butter that I whack into the pan. And, if I’m being honest, my “tablespoons” of butter tend to err more on the side of “quarter sticks” when I’m cooking for more than one, since one of the easiest ways to ensure a surefire delicious dish is to up the butter content. Plus, I eat so much chicken and broccoli — basic, I know — that steaming those up, along with some rice on the side, is an easy weeknight meal that’s low in fat and perfect for any season.

However, this steamer doesn’t just cook veggies and meats: You can use it for all sorts of delicious meals, including savory dumplings, shelfish boils, and much more. (Personally, I pop in bags of the viral Fly By Jing dumplings for lunch more than I’d like to admit in a “eat healthy in the New Year” article.) Both pieces are also a breeze to clean, since the nonstick coating prevents things from sticking, and steaming in general helps loosen up any bits of food that would otherwise crust to the pan. 

Credit: Ian Burke

And, with a 4.8-star average rating on the brand’s website, and plenty of happy customers, it’s clear that this is a winner. “This company is amazing. I was very pleased with my two purchases and will be ordering more,” one reviewer writes. “It is so easy to cook, clean and I just am loving the quality and reasonable prices. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys cooking.” So, if you’re looking for an easy way to eat a little healthier in 2023, or you’re just looking to pick up a few great pieces of kitchen equipment, the Caraway Sauce Pan and Steamer basket are both excellent choices. 

Buy: Sauce Pan, $115; Steamer, $55