Caraway’s New Mini Cookware Duo Has Me Cooking More (and Cleaning Less)

published Oct 10, 2022
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Credit: Caraway

I’ve been a fan of my marigold Caraway cookware set since the color’s launch in 2020. The set has everything I could possibly need … but I also live in a very small apartment. My storage space is limited, my stove’s burners are miniature, and my beautiful cookware started to go unseen — or even ended up being stored inside my oven. In my little world of little space, even standard-sized cookware gets in the way. Then, Caraway launched the Mini Duo, a smaller-sized sauce and fry pan, that has me cooking more, cleaning less, and lets me show off my cool kitchen tools without wasting space.

Caraway launched the mini pans after quite a bit of demand — apparently I wasn’t alone. The original fry pan is 10.5 inches in diameter, but the mini version is a comfortable 8 inches across — not too mini that it can barely hold the same things I was cooking before, but just small enough to save space and be a total breeze to clean. The mini sauce pan is still wide enough to cover a burner for even cooking, but holds 1.75 quarts versus the original sauce pan’s 3-quart capacity. Each pan is great for making dinner for up to four people, which is the max I usually host in my small space anyway. But, these bad boys aren’t just perfect for apartment living. College students, campers, and even travelers who frequent vacation rentals or Airbnbs can use the Mini Duo to hold down their preferred cooking routine no matter where they are — or what they’re whipping up.

Cooking for myself, though, has once again become something I do multiple times a day. The duo hangs on the wall just above my stove, and once I’m done cooking, all it usually takes is a simple sudsy rinse by hand and back up they go, ready for next time. Of course, because I adore my original Caraway set so much for its non-toxic, yet supremely non-stick powers, it’s headed to my storage unit for the day I have a little more room. In the meantime, the Mini Duo’s sauce and fry pan pair is all I need.

Buy: Caraway Mini Duo, $175 (previously $190)