Caramel Butter, Ganache, and Ham and Cream Cheese: Recipes for These Breakfast Spreads?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Take a look at these breakfast spreads we discovered in a posted question at AT: San Francisco. The reader there was looking for a source for those cute leaf-shaped bowls, but we (and some of the commenters — hello Joan!) were more interested in the bowls’ contents.

The bowls were from a breakfast table at a hotel in Buenos Aires. Each bowl had a different spread for the breakfast bread: the reader says they were filled with chocolate ganache, butter with caramel and cream cheese with ham.

Yum, we say! Maybe not the most entirely appropriate breakfast for Eating Light month, but we were still inspired to look up a few recipes.

This variety of spreads and condiments is a great idea for a brunch. We wish we would have seen it during the holidays. You could make homemade rolls or whole-grain bread, then serve with a few spreads like these.

We went looking for good recipes for these three spreads, and here’s what we came up with.

Chocolate ganache: Here’s a basic recipe for whipped chocolate ganache. Ganache is terribly decadent as a breakfast item, but it’s not that much different from the European favorite Nutella. Use in moderation, but a little dark chocolate on some whole wheat bread is pretty great.

Caramel butter: We couldn’t find a straightforward recipe for this, but we think it would be easy to make. Just mix a batch of our soft DIY caramel sauce with a softened batch of DIY butter. Mix thoroughly and let harden up in the fridge.

• This recipe for Ham and Cream Cheese Spread at Taste of Home rounds out the morning bagel condiments with a savory option. This recipe is very easy — just mix softened cream cheese with chopped scallions and ham.

Do you have recipes or ideas for any of these spreads?

(Image: Reader Laura)