Canning Questions? Ask Marisa McClellan

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Are you canning or preserving something this summer? Jam? Pickles? Ketchup or BBQ sauce? Do you have questions about recipes, technique, or just how to can tomatoes? Well, this is your chance to ask an expert.

Next week we are going to run a special guest expert series of Good Questions on canning and preserving with answers from Marisa McClellan. Marisa blogs at Food In Jars, where she is “on a campaign to teach people to can.” She also teaches canning classes. Do you have a canning question she can answer?

If you have a question about canning for Marisa, leave a comment here, and we’ll pick five good questions for next week’s series. If we can’t get to them all, we’ll open up another discussion about canning too.

Happy canning!

• Visit Marisa’s blog: Food In Jars

(Image: Marisa McClellan)