Canning Across America and Swallowing Swords Splendid Table with Lynne Rossetto Kasper

Canning Across America and Swallowing Swords Splendid Table with Lynne Rossetto Kasper

Emma Christensen
Oct 1, 2009

Curious about canning? Why not get some friends together and host a canning party?! Kim O'Donnel of "Canning Across America" tells us how. Plus, the art of sword swallowing, how cooking played a role in evolution, and a great question about drying homemade pasta!

Canning Across America - Kim O'Donnel was a canning newbie when she started a national movement by posting a question on Twitter! She tells us how this has evolved since then and how we can get in on the action.

How Cooking Makes Us Human - It may be the act of cooking - not the tools used for cooking - that pushed our evolution. Professor Richard Wrangham explains that cooked food gives us more energy than raw food, a fact that tipped off a lot of biological and social advances in our ancestors.

Single-Handed Cooking - We read J.J. Goode's piece about the struggles and triumphs of cooking with only one arm when it was published in Gourmet's July issue. It gave the piece a whole new meaning to hear it read aloud by the author!

Drying Homemade Pasta - Lynne's tips for drying homemade pasta: knead the pasta dough really thoroughly, let the pasta sheets dry slightly before cutting them into noodles, and dry the pasta so that no noodles touch (broom handles are great!).

The Art of Sword Swallowing - Not surprisingly, some of the only literature about sword swallowing seems to have come when someone has an injury in the act!

Hear all these interviews and more at the Splendid Table!

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