The $20 Pantry Organizer That Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed With

published Dec 31, 2019
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Credit: Raymond Forbes LLC/Stocksy

Anyone with a cluttered pantry knows the choreography to the Canned Goods Shuffle. It’s a line dance of sorts. To reach your desired can (which is always out of sight in the far back corner) you must first rotate all the cans in a chaotic-yet-orderly fashion. (Sounds like any dance class we’ve ever taken!)

Unless this is the kind of dance you want to do forever (like the Macarena), might we suggest a solution? The Simple Houseware Stackable Can Rack will transform your pantry into a radiant beacon of hope, an organized slice of paradise, a satisfying array of shelf-stable goods.

Credit: Amazon

Buy: Simple Houseware Stackable Can Rack, $20

The Simple Houseware Can Rack holds up to 36 cans. It also has a stackable design so you can purchase multiple racks and connect them vertically, depending on your pantry dimensions and organizing needs. Reportedly this rack is even sturdier once filled with cans, which seems pretty great. Here are all the other things that happy Amazon customers have to say about it.

“We are a family of five and I purchased these for our pantry to help with organization. I absolutely love them! They hold so many more cans then I thought they could and they look really nice in the pantry. My husband said he really didn’t see why they were necessary, but now that he sees them in action, his opinion has completely changed. I love that you can see all of the labels clearly to see what you have. It makes it really easy when I’m making out a grocery list to open it up instead of just guessing because there are so many cans stocked in front of each other. “

“No more moving cans around in my pantry — hoping to see what I have. Now they are organized and it’s easy to see what I have. And it will accommodate my small/large cans too.”

“I love using this to store my canned veggies. This size is perfect for being just my husband and I at home but if you have a [larger] family, I definitely suggest purchasing at least two. I love how easy it is to see all that you’ve got — it makes creating meals and grocery lists so much easier.”

What’s the best organizer you’ve ever bought for your pantry?