Canned, Boxed, Cubed, or Homemade: How Do You Keep Stock on Hand?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s soup, stew, and gravy season and thus, it’s stock season as well. There are an astonishing variety of ways you can keep stock on hand — whether it’s chicken, seafood, vegetable, or beef — from making your own and freezing it to those magic little foil-wrapped cubes that often don’t taste so magical in the end.

I like to make and freeze stock and that’s usually my go-to plan, especially if the stock is a main ingredient in the dish I’m making. I do keep a box or two of backup stock in the pantry just in case I run out of the good stuff. But you won’t find cubes and powders anywhere near my kitchen. I’d rather use water — that’s just my personal preference.

Another option is to make a quick stock from the scraps and leavings of your recipe. Mushroom stems, carrot peels, onion ends can all be tossed into a pot of water and simmered while the rest of the soup is sautéing. Read this post for more on this great kitchen shortcut:

How do you keep stock on hand in your kitchen? Tell us in the comments!

(Image: Emma Christensen)