Canned Beer Has Become So Cool We Might Be Running Out of Cans

(Image credit: Leela Cyd Ross)

Now that craft brews in a can are cool again, there might not be enough cans to satisfy the demands of brewers and drinkers alike.

Many microbreweries use the 16-ounce cans with bright labels to distinguish themselves from the grocery store beer standards.

But now that everyone is trying to capitalize on the trend, those cans are getting harder to come by — especially in smaller quantities. Because of the way cans are produced, it takes a lot of money and time to produce a new beer can design, and many manufacturers require that breweries order a literal truckload (nearly 200,000 cans) of each design. That means your favorite small brewery might have to find another option for their special seasonal brews.

It also takes both federal and local approval for a brewery to switch can suppliers, so there’s a large potential for delay. Maybe this means the bottle is on the way back.