The Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Your Loved Ones Who Were Born in July

updated Jun 28, 2019
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It’s time to tap into the stars in order to discover the very best birthday gifts for our friends and family born in July. We talked with Natha Perkins Campanella, a professional astrologer and life coach, about the likes, dislikes, and all the things that make Cancers and Leos tick. Here’s what she had to suggest for these mid-summer babies.

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1. Good Thing Twin Carafe, $29 at Of a Kind

Cancerians (yes, that’s what Cancers are called!) love all things cozy, says Perkins Campanella, even in the heat of summer. Yours will flip for this double-walled carafe that works like a pour-over coffee maker and a loose tea brewer. “I can see a Cancer using one of these to make morning coffee or evening tea into a sweet self-ritual,” she says.

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2. The Dutchess, $145 at Great Jones

“Leos like to be seen as as stylish and fashionable, even in their cookware,” says Perkins Campanella. How about a blush pink Dutch oven from up-and-coming kitchen brand Great Jones? She’ll be the first in your friend group to have one, and this limited-edition “Macaron” colorway will definitely be a point of pride for her.

3. Wood Taper Candle Holders, $8 each at Etsy

“When I hear Cancer, I immediately see someone very domestic — a caretaker,” says Perkins Campanella. Come to think of it, your Cancer bestie is the Martha Stewart of your friend group. She’s always throwing dinner parties and making sure everyone is well-fed and happy. So she’ll actually appreciate these hand-painted candlestick holders that’ll up her tablescape game.

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“I always encourage my Leo clients to find what lights them up, and for many of them, it’s something where they can show off their creativity and artfulness,” says Perkins Campanella. A book like this will really get your Leo in the kitchen and her creative juices flowing.

5. Sally Muir Dog-a-Day Juice Glasses, $12 each at Anthropologie

According to Perkins Campanella, Cancer folks are fond of collecting and like anything with a sense of character or lineage. Look for some cool antique glasses (Etsy has plenty of fun options!) or check out these cute pup-themed glasses, which have loads of character.

Credit: Anthropologie

6. Irina Serving Stand, $198 at Anthropologie

Leo’s are kind of showy — not in a bad way, but they’re into things that are different and impressive, says Perkins Campanella. So she recommends serveware that’s a little over-the-top, like this steel, marble, and onyx tiered serving tray. Get your group to chip in on it.

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Kitchen gadgets are the way to a Cancer’s heart, so she’ll be all about this oil sprayer. Not only does the Misto make grilling and sautéing easier (and healthier!), but it also has a filter, which will let your friend add spices and herbs to infuse her own blend without clogging the spray pump.

Leos are super stylish, which makes this sleek apron a good idea for two reasons. One, It’ll help protect her oh-so-perfect outfit (how is it that she even has great sweatpants?). Two, it’s as cute as anything that’s already in her closet.

9. Sparkling Rose Wine Making Kit, $70 at Uncommon Goods

“Cancerians’ love language is gifting,” says Perkins Campanella, pointing out that the best gift for them is something they can then use to make things for others. Instead of buying her a bottle of bubbly, get her a kit for creating her own sparkling rosé, which she can then share with others.

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10. Bottle Garden Grow Kit, $22 at Terrain

Kitchen gardening is another hobby that Leos can really get behind, says Perkins Campanella. “They’d love displaying pretty plant vessels on their windowsills,” she says. Get your Leo started with this kit that grows in upcycled glass bottles.