Can You Recommend Good Gluten-Free Resources?

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

Q: My grandpa was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease about a year ago, and since then he has seen health major benefits with a gluten-free diet.

However, he and my grandma have had a hard time finding a lot of resources on cooking tasty gluten-free meals at home that would satisfy his bread-loving roots. I often forward them gluten-free posts on The Kitchn, but could you recommend any other blogs or cookbooks on the subject?

Sent by Erica

Editor: Erica, here are a few gluten-free blogs that we really enjoy. Maybe readers can suggest some cookbooks? (We have a review of a gluten-free baking book coming up soon, too!)

Readers, what resources would you recommend to someone new to gluten-free eating?

(Image: Emma Christensen)