Can You Recommend Diabetic-Friendly Cookbooks Aimed at Non-Diabetic Cooks?

updated May 30, 2019
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Q: My dad was recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic, and he needs to make some big changes in his eating habits. He is an amazing cook who makes dinner on a nightly basis, but those dinners are filled with carbs, which he needs to cut down on.

He is not really quick to embrace new health food trends and wants to avoid changing his cooking lifestyle completely. I also know for sure that he will not cook from a book that has the word “diabetic” in the title — he’s just too stubborn. Do you know of any good cookbooks or recipes for diabetics that are kind of disguised as regular cookbooks/recipes?

Sent by Nikki

Editor: Nikki, it sounds like you have some unique challenges in finding a cookbook your father will actually use, but you might find some useful suggestions in the comments of a similar question we answered recently:

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Readers, any ideas for diabetic-friendly cookbooks aimed at non-diabetic cooks?


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