Can You Recommend Any Recipes for Healthier Baked Goods?

(Image credit: Emily Han)

Q: I love baking, and my friends and family love it too. But I’m starting too feel guilty about constantly giving them unhealthy desserts. Are there good recipes out there for healthier cookies, cupcakes, and frostings?

Sent by Susan

Editor: Susan, instead of making the usual plate of cookies, you could make homemade granola or energy bars, which friends and family will definitely appreciate during the hectic holidays.

Or check out some of the dessert recipes from The Kitchn’s own Emily Han, who makes delicious and healthy treats like Coconut Snowballs and Raw Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes with Coconut Vanilla Icing and Ginger Date Caramel.

Readers, can you recommend any good recipes for healthier cookies, cupcakes and other treats? Are there any cookbooks or food blogs you recommend for those interested in healthier baking?