Can You Recommend a Reliable Sugar Cookie Recipe?

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Q: Does anyone have a roll-out sugar cookie dough that isn’t too sticky?

I would like to make some Valentine cut-out cookies for my daughter to take to school for a Valentine’s Day party later this week and the lemon-studded dough I used yesterday was so sticky and moist (even AFTER refrigerating it at various points during the entire process) that after about only 1 dozen cookies that I gave up.

So frustrating! Can anyone help?

Sent by Rosie

Editor: Rosie, the recipe that I use almost exclusively for roll-out cookies is in this post:

It’s a very stiff dough, and after it has been refrigerated it is super easy to work with. The trade-off is that it’s hard to roll out after it’s chilled! But it holds its shape so well, and dusted with a little flour the cookie shapes come straight up and onto the cookie sheet. I’ve made this recipe many times with young children and even toddlers, and it was strong enough to hold up to kids rolling it out and cutting it up.

The recipe does make a huge lot of dough, however, so I suggest halving it, or else freezing portions of the dough.

One other Valentine’s tip: Check out the Jewel Heart Cookies in this post — very pretty!

Readers, do you have other good suggestions for roll-out cookie recipes?

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