Can You Recommend a Good Sturdy Springform Pan?

(Image credit: Susie Nadler)

Q: After making a couple of ice cream cakes (including this amazing S’Mores version) this week with a fabulously sturdy borrowed springform pan, I’m realizing that I’m due for an upgrade of my own. I’d love a recommendation of a good brand. My friend’s pan is Wilton, but it looks like her particular model is not being made anymore (and other Wilton ones have mixed reviews on Amazon).

Sent by Ann

Editor: Ann, I use one from Norpro, and my mother recently gave me another one, from the Pampered Chef. I do notice that the Pampered Chef pan’s bottom warps a little less, but both have held up well so far.

Readers, any recommendations?

(P.S. since I know someone will ask, the chocolate cake above is this one: Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Guinness Cake.)

(Image: Susie Nadler)