Can You Recommend a Good Recipe for Half Sour Pickles?

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Q: I’d like to attempt to make half sour pickles but I need a good recipe.

Any suggestions?

Sent by Kara

Editor: Half sour pickles are pickles that haven’t been entirely pickled yet; they are quick refrigerator pickles with lots of freshness and snap still left. The brine they are pickled in is lower in salt, and they do not include any vinegar. (Having said this, a caveat: The descriptions I read of half sour pickles have a lot of variation in them, and some even had vinegar. But this seems to be the most widespread definition.)

Here’s one appealing (and easy) recipe I found, plus a discussion on the pickles:

Also, this recipe might not be called a half sour, but it’s very good:

Readers, any suggestions for Kara?

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