Can You Recommend a Bigger Ice Cream Maker?

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Q: I’ve been using my little Cuisinart ice cream maker for a few months now, and have gotten such positive feedback on the results from friends and co-workers that I think I’d really like to scale this hobby of mine up a bit. Unfortunately, none of the larger ice cream makers (gallon-plus) listed on Amazon come from brand names I recognize or trust.

Is there a make/model you’d recommend for an ice cream maker that yields a gallon or more of ice cream per batch? My inquiring mind wants to know!

Sent by John

Editor: John, I don’t have any experience with larger ice cream makers, but I can suggest a compressor-model ice cream maker. These can batches of ice cream continuously, without stopping to re-freeze the canister. So even though you’re still just making a quart at a time, you can make batches all evening. Here’s the one I am currently using (I love it):

Readers, have you had any experience with a larger ice cream maker?

(Image: Faith Durand)