Can You Identify This Food On A Stick?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Folks seem to get obsessed with anything that’s served on a stick. Food on a stick is great for parties or get togethers, since things of this nature are easy to eat and portion out. But when I came across this new-to-me food, I was a little confused. Can you tell what they are? They’re not cake pops, and they’re not donuts and they’re made with nacho cheese chips! Say what?

This recipe by Instructables user Sunshine rather caught me off guard. I always find it entertaining to see what the folks over there come up with. Sometimes it’s recipes, often it’s new kitchen cooking techniques or devices. Either way, you’re sure to find something unusual. This time around was no different.

These brown balls (yes, I know it sounds inappropriate, but what else am I supposed to call them?), are made from a mixture of flour, crushed Doritos, buttermilk, eggs and a few other baking essentials such as baking powder and soda. The mixture is rolled into balls, fried and then placed on a stick for consumption or a dunk in a dipping sauce.

So in short, they’re a non-cornbread-like, not-totally-a-biscuit, not-as-sweet-as-a-donut, fried thing that I’m rather curious about. If anything, it could be a fun base recipe to rest out different flavors or changes. A batter that thick would support the add ins of finally diced vegetables, spices, or actual cheese. Although you might not bust out the fryer to make some the instant you get home, it might be a fun project to remember next time you decide to do a little tempura battering and frying to use up your excess oil.

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(Image: Instructables)