Can You Help Me Recreate This Shaved Ice Dessert?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: Until last year, there was a tiny shop in Allston, MA, called Fun Food Snackery. They had an amazing treat called Summer Snow. Unfortunately the shop has closed down and I’ve never seen a similar dessert. It was shaved ice, which was incredibly smooth and soft, topped with chopped fruit, syrup, and a scoop of ice cream. The syrup may have been coconut milk.

Does anyone know of this dessert or have a recipe for something similar?

Sent by Jen

Editor: Jen, wow! That sounds (and looks) delicious. We are unfortunately at a loss, though, as to how to reproduce this. We would suggest finding a way to make your own shaved ice and start playing around with coconut syrups and such.

But maybe a reader can be more helpful — has anyone made anything like this at home?