Can You Help Me Recreate the Salads I Had in Germany? Good Questions

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Q: I just returned from Heidelberg, Germany, where I had many wonderful salads that I would love to recreate. There were many variations but the basic theme was lettuce (green, like butter or leaf), shredded carrots, sometimes cherry tomatoes, and two little mounds of shredded veggies — one white and one dark purple-red.

I am mystified by the last two veggies — cabbage? Beets? The dressing was generally a vinaigrette (not creamy, lots of herbs). I should have asked while I was there but I didn’t really realize how much I liked the salads until I left! I am hoping that someone who either lives or has traveled in that area of Germany can help me out.

Sent by Kate

Editor: Kate, we haven’t been to Germany, but we guess that the veggies are probably cabbage. You also might want to check out this radish salad recipe at Epicurious:

White Radish Salad at Epicurious

Readers, do you have any more helpful info for Kate?

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