Can You Help Me Recreate This Pumpkin Sage Ravioli?

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Q: This past fall I dined at Osteria Via Stato in Chicago. That night, there was a seasonal special on their board: Pumpkin Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter sauce.

That “special” ravioli was the most fantastic meal I have had in as long as I can remember. I wasn’t enamored of the idea of Pumpkin Ravioli, because I couldn’t see liking pumpkin in ravioli, but it was exquisite. The crisped sage and brown butter sauce lent a subtle, nutty crispness to the dish.

Do you know how I can possibly find this amazing recipe, or one very similar to it? I have turned up many recipes for pumpkin ravioli, but none whose ingredients seem to truly capture the essence of the insanely delicious meal I had that night.

Sent by Cat

Editor: Cat, wow! That sounds mouthwatering. We think that the brown butter was probably very key to the flavor, so make sure any recipes you try have that element. (We talk about how to brown butter here.)

We also think that this recipe is one that probably looks deceptively simple on paper. There’s probably no secret ingredient; it probably is all in the methods you apply. We would roast the pumpkin for the ravioli, instead of using canned pumpkin, for instance. The restaurant also probably used homemade pasta sheets and made the ravioli by hand.

If you want to just try building the flavors, use purchased pumpkin ravioli and play around with the sauce instructions in this recipe until you get to the flavor you want:

Readers, do you have good tips or recipes for Cat in her quest to recreate this dish?