Can You Help Me Find the Perfect Meatloaf for Sandwiches?

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Q: I am in search of a perfect meatloaf recipe. I despise meatloaf, mostly because my mom used to make a pretty awful rendition of it when we were kids. She recently admitted to its awfulness, remarking wistfully, “I think that all those times I made meatloaf when you were little, I was looking for this recipe I made once — it was so dense and you could slice it very thin for sandwiches.”

Can anyone help my poor mother in her quest for the perfect meatloaf, and her poor children who must eat the lesser-than versions?

Sent by Kate

Editor: Hmmm… we like this recipe a lot:

…but we don’t know if it has the characteristics you are looking for.

Readers, any good advice for Kate? Any favorite meatloaf recipes?

(Image: Martha Stewart)