Can You Help Me Find a Recipe for Creamy Malai Kofta?

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Q: I am fairly new to Indian cuisine but I recently tried something called Malai Kofta. I loved it! The sauce was like velvet, with loads of heavy cream.

I researched this recipe online only to be faced with recipes using tomatoes. The dish I had definitely did not include tomatoes. I think the main ingredient must have been pistachios. The sauce was very light green in color, very creamy, and was served with the koftas and sprinkle of nuts on top.

Any ideas for better web research, or does anyone have a recipe to something similar?

Sent by Jessica

Editor: Jessica, we have looked around for restaurant-style malai kofta recipes as well, and this is one of the closest that we’ve found:

That’s not precisely what you’re looking for, but it might give you a place to start!

Readers, do you have any good recommendations for Jessica?

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