Can You Help Me Find Good Recipes for an Oscars Dinner?

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Q: Every year I host a dinner for the Oscars, with themed dishes to correspond with the best picture nominees. With 10 movies this year, it’s proving more challenging than before. Do you have any bright ideas?

Here’s the list of best picture nominees (below the jump). Two years ago we did molten chocolate cake (like oil wells) for “There Will Be Blood” and blue slushie margaritas for “Juno”, to give you an idea of what I’m going for.

Sent by Jess

“The Blind Side”
“District 9″
“An Education”
“Inglorious Basterds”
“The Hurt Locker”
“A Serious Man”
“Up in the Air”

Editor: Jess, how fun! We are doing a roundup late today of Oscar party recipes and ideas, so stay tuned for that! Meanwhile, we think you really can’t go wrong with these amazing Oscars statue cookies from Bakerella.

Oscars Cookies at Bakerella

Readers, any other inspired ideas for Jess?

(Image: Bakerella)