Can You Guess Which Countries Have the Largest Fast Food Portions?

published Jun 16, 2016
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(Image credit: Compare The Market)

Considering the standardization across fast food restaurants in the U.S., I always assumed that the consistency in their offerings extended well beyond our borders. Certainly, different countries offer occasional localized additions to their menus, but it just seemed a given that things would be, otherwise, the same.

Not quite. An Australian agency investigated some popular food chains to see how their serving sizes differ across the globe, and then arranged their findings in an infographic. Surprisingly, the U.S. doesn’t always take the “top calories” honors. Check it out.

(Image credit: Compare the Market)

I was — naively — positive that the U.S. would have the largest servings across the board, so seeing that wasn’t always the case was very surprising. I’d love to know more about the business decisions behind offering more or less food per order based on the country of purchase.