Grilled Cupcake "Sausages" — Cupcakewursts!

Grilled Cupcake "Sausages" — Cupcakewursts!

Sarah Rae Smith
May 21, 2012

Go ahead and take a minute to examine the photo above. It's obvious that that isn't a normal bratwurst on a traditional hot dog bun, but can you tell what it really is?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you filled a sausage casing with cupcake batter? No? Well even if you haven't I'm glad someone has! Over at The Cupcake Project they've been busy making cupcakewursts. That's right, these are cupcake sausages.

They filled unflavored sausage casings with cupcake batter, using a piping bag, and baked these "cupcake sausages." Then they tossed them on the grill for a few moments to give them traditional grill marks and heat the innards up. Served on half a donut with some jelly they look fascinatingly delicious — and uncomfortably just like a sausage.

It might be a bit too out there for you, but even if they aren't your bag you have to admit you totally want to try one. You can check out all the details on how to make them yourself (you are of course obligated to send us photos) at The Cupcake Project.

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(Image: The Cupcake Project)

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