Can You Guess the Flavor of This Jet-Black Ice Cream?

(Image credit: @mikejchau)

Ice cream comes in a rainbow of both natural and unnatural colors. From red to violet — if you can dream it, you can eat it. That is, unless, you dreamt of black ice cream, in which case the closest you could come to living your dreams was ordering the deepest, darkest chocolate on display.

But as of yesterday, there’s a truly black ice cream available for purchase. Can you guess which flavor you’ll have to order to get a scoop of this jet-black goodness?

It’s coconut! Coconut ash,to be specific. The ice cream is meant to be intensely coconut-flavored, featuring coconut flakes and coconut cream in addition to the richly pigmented ash. The namesake ingredient is a form of activated charcoal, which is thought by some to have detoxifying properties. That said, this ice cream is definitely not meant to be a health food. According to Nick Morgenstern, who owns Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream and debuted the flavor earlier this week, it’s all about the taste.

I’ve only had activated charcoal once, and I was very surprised to discover that it didn’t make the drink it was in taste burned or feel chalky. I’m so curious to try this ice cream next time I’m in NYC — what about you?