Can Knives Be Stored Upside-Down In the Knife Block? Good Questions

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: There is an argument in the house about proper knife storage. I have a teenager that thinks he knows everything and is never, ever, wrong. He wants to store our knives sharp side of the blade up in a hardwood knife block. According to the makers of the knives they should be stored sharp side down.

Does it really matter in the way they are stored when it comes to maintaining the edge of the blade? Or is it worse for him to leave the knives laying in the sink or to soak in a glass?

Sent by L

Editor: L, we have pondered this question and do not know if there is a problem with this or not. The main issue that arises in our mind is that perhaps the knives are being shoved into a knife block in a way that drives them into the wood and dulls them (and deforms the innards of the knife block). This would not be good for the knife or the block.

But other than that we are at a loss. Readers? Can you offer some help for this domestic dilemma?

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