Unforgettable Bottles of Wine for $20: Budget Wine Tips from Eric Asimov

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

You know the scenario: A friend invites you to dinner and tells you to bring wine. The friend knows a great deal about wine and, when you ask for a little guidance about what to bring, they respond that something red and bold will be just fine. You show up at your favorite wine shop and end up staring blankly at the aisle labeled “Bold.” You want to bring something wonderful without breaking the bank. Stare blankly no more.

Last week The New York Times ran an article called Wine’s Sweet Spot is a $20 Bill. In it, writer Eric Asimov discussed how you can certainly find a decent bottle of wine for around $10, but he wants more. He wants a bottle of wine that excites him and “tells a story of people, place and culture.” A wine that’s infinitely drinkable. At $15 to $25, he claims, the odds are pretty good that you can find a bottle of wine that fits this bill.

Asimov spent an afternoon walking through wine shops in his neighborhood of Manhattan, and unearthed 20 memorable bottles of wine under $20. It can be done for this writer as it can for all of us. He details an array of reds, whites, and sparkling wines that are good for drinking now. And all year-round. Did any of your favorite bottles make the list? Cheers.

Memorable Bottles for $20: The NYT List

(Image: Faith Durand)